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Property Research Report for Lord St, Laurieton 2443

Number of houses/units on street
Highest price paid – last 3 years
Lowest price paid – last 3 years
Average land size houses
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115 recorded sales
since Thursday, 9 June 1994

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Heatmap: Median Price, Houses
Median Price
Capital Growth
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Lord St

Property Prices 12 months to January 2014

Laurieton LGA Port Macquarie-Hastings Laurieton LGA Port Macquarie-Hastings
Median Prices $325,000 $380,000 SNR $262,000
Long Term Trend 0.1% 1.6% SNR -1.2%
Auction Clearance Rates 20% 34.4% SNR 42.5%
Days on Market 162 days 172 days SNR 176 days
Discounting 6.7% 6.3% SNR 7.2%

SNR = Statistically Not Reliable
* Based on sales reported to Australian Property monitors
LGA = Local Government Area

Median Property Trends for properties in Laurieton

House Price Trend in LGA Port Macquarie-Hastings Unit Price Trend in Laurieton

Latest Sales in Laurieton

Address Bedrooms Bathrooms Type Agent Price
17 Flinders Dr 3 1 House PRDNationwide Laurieton $354,000
92 Norman St 3 2 House  
15 Castle St 3 2 House  
4/22 Lake St 2 1 Unit  
7 Reliance Cr 4 2 House  

More Sales Records

Record Prices Paid

Houses - The Top Sales: 12 Months ended 20 Apr 2014

Address Bedrooms Bathrooms Type Agent Price
17 Flinders Dr 3 1 House PRDNationwide Laurieton $354,000
1/13 Lake St 2 2 Villa One Agency North Haven / Port Macquarie $329,000
5/4 Reliance Cr 2 2 Townhouse FN North Haven $322,500

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Who lives in 2443

Ages of people living in 2443

60+ 44%

40 to 59 25%

5 to 19 15%

20 to 39 12%

0 to 4 4%

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About Laurieton

Local Government
Port Macquarie-Hastings
Surrounding Suburbs
West Haven, North Haven, Dunbogan, North Brother, Deauville, Lakewood, Camden Head, Grants Beach, Kew, Jolly Nose

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